Be transformed by the renewal of your mind through Virtual Counseling

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Virtual Counseling is the “house call” for busy individuals utilizing HIPAA compliant video conferencing to connect with our clients.

Virtual Counseling allows for readily accessible counseling, coaching or consultation in the privacy of your own home or office.

Our Psychological services are provided by Dr. Lenore Doster for people age 13 and older to target mental health issues and distress:

  • Mood regulation – Depression, anxiety, fears, anger, and bipolar symptoms
  • Self-management – Self-care, self-talk, addressing self-defeating patterns including eating disorders, coping skills development, mindfulness
  • Personal effectiveness – from distress to well-being, self-worth, life transitions, maintaining work-life balance, relationship management

Our Life Coaching and Consultation services are for people age 13 and older to aid in personal and/or relational growth:

  • Goal setting and personal growth – relational, school/college, career
  • Personal growth – work, life
  • Couples Coaching – Premarital consultation and marital enrichment
  • Family and parent consultation – guiding your pre-teens, preparing your teens for life beyond high school, relating with your adult children

Virtual Counseling, Coaching and Consultation offers a strategic combination of caring, confidentiality, safety, and convenience.