Brief Biography

Dr. Lenore Lawson Doster, MA, PsyD

Dr. Doster is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and mental wellness
consultant. She specializes in virtual services, making mental health and
mental wellness processes accessible and readily available.

Her career is dedicated to:

Psychotherapy for:

  • Young Adults and Adults (ages 18 and older) – in life transition or in need of increased coping/management of life challenges (relational, school, work/career, emotion/anger regulation, etc.)  
  • Women’s Issues – relational, work/life balance, and mind/body/spirit issues (including weight maintenance and eating disorders)
  • Couples – marital enrichment, premarital counseling, relational assessment, relational distress, and anger management
  • Family and Parent Consultation – Lenore is the author of Rock Solid Parenting:  Secrets Of An Effective Parent – Buy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Mental Wellness Coaching or Consultation for Individuals and Corporations:

  • Providing virtual group services or web conferencing 
  • Utilizing the concepts of Ndestructible 7 outlined in Ndestructible 7:  A rock-solid path to a better life – Buy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Areas of Focus:

  • Mood regulation: depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and bipolar symptoms
  • Self-worth: negative self-talk, negative body image, and shame
  • Relationship management: relational skills, work/life balance, and parenting
  • Self-management: coping styles, and stress management
  • Mental Wellness: daily self-management and self-care 

Letter From Dr. Doster:

As a clinical psychologist, I am interested in helping with the renewal and transformation of one’s mind and spirit to increase peace and contentment. A sense of renewal comes from sharpening one’s mindset, coping, and lifestyle throughout the phases of one’s life.  My practice is primarily through web services to make mental health and mental wellness processes accessible and readily available.

When our every day relationships and experiences in life (at home, work and/or school) bring challenge, change or adversity, it is natural to experience mental states such as anxiety, stress, depression, and anger. It is up to us to take charge of our cognitive and emotional processes before more life difficulties start. Sometimes, it is time to reach out to a professional for help or to seek a powerful type of support in a group setting which only group membership can provide.

I began intensive study of the behavioral sciences when I entered into the field of mental health and wellness as an undergraduate psychology student in 1984 at Colorado State University. It was through intensive course study, lab research, mental health service, and advanced degrees (Master’s and Doctorate) that I came to understand the true value of behavioral science models of change. I utilize these models when working with individuals while studying one’s thinking, behaviors, relational skills, and life patterns (models such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/CBT, Mindfulness, Existential Psychotherapy, Positive Psychology, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy/DBT). However, my focus is to meet clients where they are and utilize these models in an effective context for each individual I serve. Thus, I take into account each person’s cultural background, family history, spiritual/religious orientation, and faith-based values in order to guide our work.

My advanced training includes:

  • Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) – Focus: Clinical Psychology, Doctorate completed Oct 2002, GA School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University
  • Master of Arts (MA) – Focus: Clinical Psychology, Master’s completed 1999, GA School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University
  • Master of Arts (MA) – Focus: Higher Education Administration (Student Affairs), completed 1990, The Ohio State University
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) – Focus: Psychology/Behavioral Science, completed 1988, Colorado State University

My work history includes:

  • Psychological ConsultativeExaminer – The Mpowerment Alliance, Griffin, GA (current) and Highlands Professional Group, LLC, Murfreesboro, TN 
  • Corporate Mental Wellness Consultant – GoPivot, A Company Providing Complete Corporate Wellness, Safety and Engagement Solutions, Atlanta, GA (current)
  • Psychotherapist and Clinical Coordinator – The Summit Counseling Center, Johns Creek, GA,
  • Psychotherapist – Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders, Atlanta, GA
  • Doctoral Resident – Philhaven Psychiatric Hospital, Mt. Gretna, PA
  • Crisis Hotline Phone Service, Training, Management – Colorado State University

My deep faith, spirituality, and interest in international culture comes from a variety of experiences:

  • Free Chapel, Gainesville – Church Member since 2021
  • Mount Pisgah United Methodist, Alpharetta, GA – Church Member 2003 – 2020
  • Philhaven Psychiatric Hospital, Mt Gretna, PA – Integrative Behavioral Health Doctoral Residency with a focus in Christian Faith & Theology, American Psychological Association Accredited, completed 2002
  • Recovery of Hope – Intensive Couples Therapy, Co-Therapist, Philhaven Psychiatric Hospital, 2002
  • Peachtree Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, Atlanta – Deacon, member 1990 – 2003
  • Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games – Assistant Housing Manager, Olympic Village, 1996
  • SportsNet – Youth Enrichment Through Sports, Inc. – Executive Director, The Salvation Army, 1995 – 1996
  • International Housing Coordinator – Georgia Institute of Technology, 1993 – 1995